Monday, November 3, 2008


Sorry it has been so long. Things have gone as smoothly as the first time I did this. Donna told me that the chemo isn't working this time. Three weeks ago I had to start what they call "rescue" drugs. I don't fully understand but apparently they use these when the other chemo does not work anymore. Donna understands and it was the first time I saw her get upset, she assured me that it was ok...but I am suspicious. I don't like her upset and did my best to show her it was ok. But, I haven't felt as well lately. I still like to eat (alot, especially my chicken nuggets) and go outside. I am a little more tired and I feel a little weaker. It's ok, Donna and Walter have been real good to me and really spoiling me. I sleep in their bed all the time and they even move if I don't seem comfortable. I'll tell you a secret sometimes I fake it a little so one of them will give me more room!

I go tomorrow for more rescue drugs, the last couple of days my back legs seem weaker and I don't think I feel them as well as I used to. Donna is worried, so I show her that I can still do the stairs, but I like her to go up behind me in case I stumble. She has caught me a few times, I was impressed because I am a big boy!

Donna reminded me of something the other day. When I was much younger, Walter and Donna took me to a thing called "Bark in the Park" in Columbus, Ohio where we lived. I must have been around 1-2 years old. They had all this fun stuff for us dogs to do. I ran and played with other dogs and also met all sorts of people. I also passed my Canine Good Citizens Test and Therapy Dog International tests at this party. What she reminded me of was that they had "bobbing for hot dogs" (Donna said people do this game but with apples). Do you know that I was the only dog there that would stick his whole head under water to get the hot dogs?! I remember standing and looking at the other dogs (some were even labs...water dogs, right!) and none of them would go get all those yummy hot dogs at the bottom of the big bucket. So I just stuck my head right in and came up with hot dog after hot dog. I also got excited because all the people clapped and cheered, I always have liked that more then any treat. That was a good day. I hope I have some more good days soon.