Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bad News

So I am told that my cancer is back...oddly I feel fine. I figure since I don't ever feel sick I shouldn't worry about it. Donna says we get to go to the hospital a lot more again. I like the hospital, it reminds me of when Donna used to take me to work with her when she worked in clinics. I am told it is not normal for me to like hospitals but everyone is really nice and I get to see other dogs...even some with cancer like me. I know they poke me but it doesn't really hurt. Also since all this started every time we go to the hospital, Donna gets me chicken nuggets after we are done...every time!

So today was a really long day, they poked at my neck, I overheard something about needing cytologies from my lymph nodes. They also took blood from me, but just a little. I used to donate blood when I a younger dog to help other dogs that Donna and Walter said were very sick. So I can sit very still and get a LOT more drawn then they took today...but no one tell them ok! The hospitals liked me being a donor because I was so big and could give a large amount. I was just annoyed I never got to meet the dogs I helped, Donna said it was OK and they were very appreciative and I was a hero to those dogs. I think she is a bit dramatic!
Then I waited while they looked at all this stuff. This was OK because I get to watch everything going on. I try really hard to get every one's attention, sometimes it works. After they got the results they went and told Donna, why no one discusses it with me I have never figured out! When they came back they gave me chemo again...I thought we were done with it! It's OK though, I do pretty good with it, none of it makes me sick. After this I started thinking about the chicken nuggets I knew I was going to get...when they started to take me back to Donna I decided that they were not going fast enough and thought it would help if I pulled them down the hall...for some reason humans have never liked being pulled anywhere, but they didn't understand that the faster I got to Donna, the faster we could get in the car and the faster we would get to that magic drive-thru thing where the people just hand chicken nuggets out a window!!!
{Please make sure all dogs know about this magic window, all sorts of food comes out it!!!}

So I have had a long day, I got my chemo again, I ate my chicken nuggets, rode in the car, ate my dinner when we got home, took my pills and now I am going to lay down and nap (in Donna and Walter's bed of course!).


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